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Hot Dipped Galvanized Carriage Bolts, Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence

At Aruvil, we also offer galvanized fencing solutions. It is a type of zinc coated chain link fencing, used to define property lines and securing it from intruders. Popular and inexpensive resort of protecting residential and commercial property, galvanized chain link, as the name suggests, are made up of galvanized wires (wires of iron or steel coated with a protective layer of zinc). The wires are bent in a zigzag manner, forming a wire-mesh.

Attractive features of galvanized chain link fencing include:

  • Resistant to moisture
  • Resistant to varying atmospheric temperatures
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Rigid and durable

Advantages of choosing this type of chain link fence include:

  • Galvanized chain link fence is easy to install. Hence, allows property owners to install it without hiring a professional.
  • Generally, this fence comes in silver. People as per their preferences can add colors to it, through powder-coated or vinyl-coated technique. There is a range of colors you can add to wires using powder coating. On the other hand, vinyl coating comes with selective range of colors like brown, black, white, and green.
  • Galvanized fencing is a less expensive option for industrial and residential security needs.
  • The wires used for this fencing are generally plain, and form different designs (diamonds circles and squares).

Application areas of galvanized fence:

  • Used to create boundaries on the yard
  • Poultry fencing
  • Used in construction, residential, industrial, and agriculture areas for various purposes

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