Fencing Guidelines: Does Your Property Has The Right Fencing?

For every place, whether it is commercial property or a residential one, exterior is just as important factor as the interior one. The elements of design and safety along with good aesthetics are the essential part of the exterior. So in order to maintain that balance, there are numerous options for today’s technologically advanced era. One of them is fencing.

The best way to do that s high quality fencing which is durable and keep the strangers out of your property. The assortments of residential fencing available in market are many. Form wrought iron to PVC, the number of fencing types are numerous, which provides the person, many different options to choose from. It is much more affordable source of security than security systems.

This is also instruments in increasing the value and privacy of the place. Fencing is one of the first things that come to notice when a person first enters your place. The style and design that complement the landscape of your property are a must. The fencing should be functional but it should also not present an image of prison. Aesthetics play an important role in choosing the fencing type.

ornamental aluminum fence or wrought iron fence

Following are the tips you need to follow to choose the right fencing for you:


The important factor when choosing the fencing is determining which purpose you want the fencing for. Whether it is for privacy, pet containment, boundary establishment or security source, you need to understand the reason for fencing installation in your property. This will help you determine which material, size or style will be better for the fencing.

Livestock fencing is completely different than fencing for pet containment. Just like the fencing for garden decoration would be different than high security fencing. This is why you need to decide which factor is most important, security or decoration or simply something to construct a boundary.


The amount you spend on fencing installation should be calculated beforehand. The area and the material you choose for fencing influence the entire cost of this procedure. The materials such as vinyl and PVC might be expensive initially but in the long run they do not require any maintenance. This makes them worth spending extra penny on  the initial basis. The contractor can get the exact design and the height , which suits your purpose. The height of the fencing also plays a major role in the cost estimate for the fencing project.


The fencing can stand out and be a unique part of the property aesthetics or it can blend in with the landscape around the property. For example, the ornamental aluminum fence or wrought iron fence would stand out and could make a different statement. Yet PVC Vinyl fencing could look like wooden fencing and blend in with the trees and shrubbery.

You can also check out the designs from different magazines or better yet, check out the beautiful homes in your neighborhood. Notice the kind of new and modern designs they have used for fencing. You can also take opinion of fencing installing expert. They are familiar with many designs and can suggest you something that compliments with you backyard.

Restrictions And Guidelines:

The specific guidelines that are there for the height, style and the placement of the fences are important to know. The local cities have certain fencing restrictions which have to be followed and therefore, before planning the installments, it is wise to consult the local authorities to make sure that the fencing height and style complies with the local laws for fencing that have been established in your area.

Fencing Professionals:

The process of fence installations is not an easy task. So therefore, it is ideal that you engage the services of a professional company that can systematically facilitate the process. They will ensure that the fence would stay in good condition by using great designs and materials. The issues such as unevenness and leaning never happen when you engage the services of a professional company.

When you plan the fencing project, there are a lot of things you need to focus on. The functional factor and the performance along with the curb appeal of the pace should be kept in mind. If the fencing is incorrectly designed, then it can lead to a glitch in the home’s exterior design. Fencing can serve as many functions such as marking the boundaries, garden decor prevents kids and pets to wander outside. Beautiful fencing with a sense of timeliness and elegance can be added to your landscape design.

One of the most durable and resilient materials is wrought iron. However it is also expensive choice. But it would notch up the style statement of your home. However if you are looking for more flexible option, then, chain link fencing is a great option. It is a great option for outdoor and indoor space. And is relatively a budget friendly material that requires little to no maintenance over the time.

Planning To Install Residential Fencing? Here Are Few Things To Ascertain!

Undoubtedly, installing a fence in residential area is factor of security and visual beauty.

Following are few key points that you must consider before installing the fences-

Through research is needed to be done in context to the material. Various options are available in the market. So you can choose the one that matches with the beauty of your house. For instance, if you have a traditional set up, you can go for wooden fences.

You can opt for mix and match of various fences. This will give your house a unique look and also reduce the cost of the installation as well.

Before finalizing fencing material, you need to consider the demographics and climatic conditions of your residing place.

Before finalizing the company, you must check, are they good in doing their job.

In order to beautify the place, you can go opt for floral decorations, wine plantations around the fence or for that matter purchase any other decorative options that are available in the market.

Don’t forget to rebuild your fence before putting it up for sale

Real estate investors willingly pay higher prices for houses that are attractive looking. Fences greatly contribute in making a house look several notches beautiful than before. Therefore, if you wish to escalate your property’s real estate worth, do make sure to undertake fence installation project.

If your fence is beginning to look dull, then may be its time to get it replaced. You will be amazed to see how much difference a fence is capable of making in the real estate market price of a property. Although the project will initially cost a little, but the benefits you will reap in the form of high sales proceeds, will make it worth it.

Many major factors directly influence a property’s worth. Fence is one of those major factors. While a quality fence will improve its worth, a disrepair one on the other hand will substantially diminish its value.

In simple words, the key to getting maximum bucks for a house is to make it look at its best and residential fencing project is going to help you in that area. This aspect is often overlooked by homeowners, until they realize how it can make their home look better than ever.

Avoid these common mistakes while installing fencing around your residence

Fencing adds a touch of finesse and security to any property. But there are certain mistakes that are becoming increasingly common lately.

Below is a list of some of them that you ought to bear in mind before installing fencing around your residence:

  • Dig holes that are deep enough to provide sufficient sturdiness to each individual fence. Without a strong foundation, the entire concept of security is defeated and the fence fails in providing protection.

  • While digging holes, calculate the actual height required accurately and space each fence from the adjust ones appropriately.

  • Do not install wooden fence in a concrete floor, it won’t stick nicely.

  • Put black roof tar on the bottom two feet of the fence if you are putting it in soil to prevent erosion due to bugs and water.

  • Use three rails to increase the sturdiness and longevity of the fence. Two horizontal and one inclined.

  • Seal both lips to protect them from erosion. Use quality paint that can provide sufficient protection to the entire fencing. Do not make the mistake of leaving the bottom lip unsealed.

The three ‘Ws’ of fencing

Fencing is an excellent option in terms of home improvement. But there are certain things that you need to think about before getting any particular type and material of fence for your property. Take a look:

  • What is it that you are fencing: If you are going to protect a swimming pool, backyard or residential surroundings of our house then you will need a little more alluring and attractive one. But it you want to confine livestock then you may have to comprise on look and pay attention to the durability part.

  • Why are you fencing: Do you want to secure privacy? Then go for something that is not see-though. Do you want to protect pets from getting outside boundaries? Then go for something which is tall enough so that pet does not jump over. Is it for pool? Go for a fencing material which is corrosion resistant. Similarly if you want to just protect animals and livestock, then a fence which is highly durable and cannot be pulled by animals should be your choice.

  • What is the budget: The ultimate deciding factor is the budget. The money you are ready to spend should cover the whole fencing project without comprising on the utility, look and durability part.

Make sure to think about these three major considerations for a successful execution of fencing project.

Right fence plan for happy neighbors!

Do not forget to follow the below given preliminary steps before you install fence around your property, as these steps will help you avoid any potential troubles with your neighbors.

Be open in your conversation when discussing with your neighbor, about how and what type of fencing you are going to get installed. Discuss the changes you will be implementing in your backyard. This point is particularly crucial to define your property and backyard lines and well differentiate them from those of the neighbor’s.

Another very important and wise step would be to check out and read the deed regarding fence installation. Get familiar with local laws regarding zoning. Also get in touch with neighborhood association. This would let you know if the size, design and placement of feces you are planning are ideal and permitted or not.

Once you have checked the aforementioned points, it is time to apply for permit for setting up the fence according to the local area code. Make sure to follow this procedure in order to ensure that your neighbors do not have any objections with your fencing.

Metal fencing – the best choice for domestic as well as commercial purposes!

Metal fences have been used for years, and are the most popular choice amongst people for both domestic as well as commercial purposes. Here is a look at the reasons why these metallic installations are preferred ahead of their other counterparts –

  1. Safety – No matter where you are going to use it, fencing is installed for two basic purposes. First is to keep things inside the boundary, and second to keep the unwanted things out of the bounds. And, nothing can match the strength and sturdiness that metal fencing can offer.

  2. Timeless Beauty – Metallic installation are timeless. Fashion might keep on changing with time, but class remains forever! And, considering the fact that even metal fences, these days, are also available in so many options, these become the most preferred choice for fencing.

  3. Virtually Repair Free – The best thing about these metal accessories is that these require minimum repair and maintenance. Use of alloys in installations ensures that they negate the impact of moist weather and corrosion. Thereby, making them the perfect choice no matter what is the climate of the city you live in.

Things to ascertain before installing residential fencing

Installing a fence in your residence can prove to be a great option to ensure security as well as enhance the visual beauty of your abode. Below mentioned are some key points you must consider before installing the structure –

  • Do proper research about the various material options available in the market and choose the one that goes with the setting of your house. For instance wooden fences are perfect for homes built in a traditional set-up

  • Mix and match various options to make the fencing look more attractive. It is also a good option to reduce the cost of the installation as well

  • Always consider the demographics and climatic conditions. If you are living in a vicinity with damper climatic conditions than vinyl is perfect option, as wood is prone to water damage

  • Be a good neighbour, and try not to install fencing that blocks their views. In fact, it is always a good idea to consult with your neighbours before marking the fencing boundaries

  • To beautify the structure once it is in place, you can go for options like floral decorations, wine plantations around the fence and purchase other decorative options from the market

Fencing saga, out and about!

Life is a constant race and we all want to be at the top of our game. When it comes to our homes, we would all want ours to be the best looking of them all. We obviously want our homes to beat every other down the block and all eyes to besot the beauty of our perfect sense of styling it, whether on the inside, or the outside.

The fencing plays a major role in this purpose. Make it a point to select such a fence for your home that speaks volumes about the enigmatically wrapped aura of the secret gardens within. Be it a functional fence or one that is extensively carved to add aesthetic value to our property, fences go a long way in securing your surroundings and making it possible for your home to shine above the rest.

Select such a fence that is in perfect sync with the rest of your property, gives an elegant overall appearance to your property!