What is a rot boar and why do you need it?

If you are planning on installing wood fence, make sure to get a rot board installed. If you are wondering what a rot board is, then it is a 2*6 wood piece that is placed on the bottom of fencing. The purpose for which it is used is to prevent wood pickets from getting rot. The advantages of it are:

  • Since pickets are installed over the board, it will automatically heighten the fence by almost six inches. Though the figure sounds small, but it gives a substantial amount of height for better protection from burglars and intruders.

  • During rainy season, backyard gets filled with standing water. Massive raining not only makes your backyard an inaccessible place but also damages the grass and can cause rotting of wooden pickets. But since rot board makes your fence sit six inches off the ground level, chances of wood getting damaged are minimized.

  • After years, when fencing has become old due to weather conditions, instead of having to replace all the pickets the homeowner is only left with the responsibility of replacing the rot board. Instead of having to replace the entire fencing, you will only be required to buy a 2*6 board and perform reinstallation.

Get a swimming pool barrier fence for peace of mind!

Thinking of setting up a swimming pool? Do not forget to add a safety fence around it. Building a swimming pool is definitely every homeowner’s dream, because it so beautifully compliments the landscape view of your house. But make sure to get a good fencing installed, especially if you have children, so that your dream does not become a nightmare!

Kids who do not know how to swim and toddlers are usually at the risk of getting drowned, in a fascination of checking out the water. So make it a point that as much of planning you put in making your pool the perfect one, you put the same amount of energy on the safety aspect by selecting a good fence.

You can consult the local landscape and building inspector to know accepted norms about how to get it setup and which style and type is right one. Self closing gates are good because they automatically get closed when no one is around the pool or someone accidently forgot to close it.

The wise move would be to visit a fence manufacturer. You will get all of your queries and doubts answered, regarding how to go about getting the perfect swimming pool fence set up.

Puppy fencing –Right solution for all those who love their dogs!

If you have a small dog then getting appropriate fences installed to keep your dearest pet confined within the residential boundary lines is something you must not miss on. Fence height is not really a concern if you own a small puppy. For example, you cannot expect a Maltese to leap across a 72-inch tall fence, unless of course he used a trampoline.

But to be on the safe side, go for a fence which is at least 48 inches or 4 feet high. There are many puppy fence options available in the market, specifically designed for keeping them safe within the backyard boundaries.

Among the popular series in this category of fence, Appalachian puppy fencing is the most popular one. This is the best for owners who may fear that their small pet may squeeze through the pickets. But this fence style comes with puppy panels to ensure the pet owner’s peace of mind.

When you talk about medium-sized dogs like Labrador retrievers, English bulldogs and boxers, take into account, what should be the ideal fence height. Most of the dogs in this category do have an ability to jump higher across the fences! For such pet owners a fence that is around 60 inches or five feet tall would be ideal.

How will fences improve the value of my property?

Well, it would make complete sense if one were to say that getting a quality and beautiful looking fence will add to the market value of your house in the real estate market!

Undoubtedly, improved safety and security is one aspect, but an elegant looking and attractive fence will certainly upscale your property value.

It is not a co-incidence that we all know the inherent importance of good looks. And that is the reason homeowners spend money and work hard to make their residential outlook stand out from others. And fencing is certainly something that can easily upscale and take the good face of your house a level notch.

Well the good looks will certainly convert into dollars when you put the value of your home in the real estate market. The stiff competition in the modern real estate industry demands the homeowners to do anything they can to improve their home’s worth.

A good looking wood or vinyl fencing would define the outdoor space of the house which creates a realistic psychology of a livable space for the potential buyers. This way you can easily add to the market worth of your residential property and attract the buyers. So, whether it is for the beautification purpose of the house or whether you are in the real estate market getting a quality fence installed would certainly pay off well.

Is it possible to protect wooden fencing from rotting?

The best aspect of wooden fencing is that it not only embellishes the external appearance of the house or building where it is placed but also provides protection from intruders.

But the downside of wooden fences is that they are susceptible to rain, sun, snow, and hail. These calamity factors, gradually, decreases the strength of the wood and cause rotting.

In order to protect wooden post from rotting and decomposing, it is vital to treat post both, below and above the ground.

Paint the end of the post with liquid tar before installation is performed. Keep water sprinklers away from the posts, because they may cause fences to retain moisture. Apply the layer of water repellent sealers that act as preservatives and increase the life of the post.

Fencing solutions for today and tomorrow!

Why do you need to select fences that are of strong quality? The simple answer to this is so that it stays put for long! However, there are times when you might end up selecting such fences that look like they can withstand the pressures of day to day wear and tear, but are actually worthless. This is why you need to make sure that you invest in such fences that are:

  • Resilient to water related damages, so they don’t rust
  • It’s important to check whether their paint is long staying or not, so that your fences don’t end up looking patchy after a couple of showers!
  • It is important to make sure that if you are choosing fences that are made of wood, then they need to be termite resistant.
  • If you choose basic designs they are more likely to stay in fashion for a long time, hence making for a good investment.

This is why you need to make sure that you always research well, so that you can find good fencing solutions for a lifetime.

How to protect your wooden fences?

Wooden fences not only provide privacy and security, but also enhance the beauty of the place where they are installed. Many people come with the complaint that wooden fence posts are often decomposed quickly.

If there is a problem, there is a solution too!

They need nothing but small amount of maintenance in order to protect them from the worst effects of varying weather conditions like sun, rain, moisture, from soil, and others.

  • One of the effective ways to protect your wooden post is to soak the lower most part of the posts with rot-resistant coatings like creosote, prior installation.
  • Installation of post caps on the top of the fence posts help to protect them from water. Such caps are designed with materials like copper, tin, and other metals.
  • Another thing to keep in mind, keep the space between fences clean from fallen leaves, snow, debris that can trap moisture and will make the wood weak.

At the end, if not installed with proper care, a wooden fence can distort and bend with the passage of time, losing its shape and becoming ugly and weak.

Advantages of Buying From Aruvil

At Aruvil, we understand that you have several choices of distributors when purchasing fencing. So, why should you choose Aruvil?

First reason is our dedication to innovation in product design. The fencing products we manufacturer not only meet or exceed safety and durability requirements, but they set the standard for stylish, smart designs. Our small quantity packing facilitates buying exact quantity or with minimum leftovers.

Additionally, the past three decades, we have demonstrated our commitment to providing outstanding customer service. What separates us from the rest in our services is our attention to details. To ensure that each order exceeds expectations, Aruvil representatives work closely with contractors and take every concern into consideration: durability, beauty, privacy and price.

Affordability is another important reason customers choose Aruvil. Having been in the business since 1977, we have seen many changes in the market and have proven our ability to adapt to it. Our knowledge and expertise in the fencing industry allows us to give our customers a fair price for the best in service.

Factors to Consider Before Fencing Your Commercial Property

When selecting fencing for your commercial property, it is important to consider several factors as they will impact security of the premises as well as the overall appearance of your property. Aruvil supplies a variety of options for appropriate commercial fencing including versatile chain link fences, elegant aluminum fencing and more. Before selecting a fence for your property, consider the following factors:

The Surroundings

It is important to examine your surroundings in order to ensure that your fencing reflects the atmosphere of your buildings as well as of those around you. While you want your fencing to stand out in a positive manner, you also want to make sure it complements your environment and does not intrude on existing architecture.

Style and Materials

This may be something that you need your contractor or fencing distributor to help you with. Depending on the purpose of the fencing, different materials and styles are more effective than others. Also, keep in mind that some fencing will require more maintenance than others. Style and materials will also have an impact on your security and privacy, therefore it is important to choose fencing of appropriate materials, measurements and style.


Depending on your intended level of security, several factors are necessary to consider. First, the height. Higher fences are naturally harder to infiltrate. Also, you have the option of adding automatic gates to ensure that only intended individuals pass through.

Fencing a commercial property can be a complicated process if you do not plan out your requirements.

Why Aruvil Rollers Are The Best In The Industry

Cantilever Rollers are used for sliding gates. Aruvil International is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of Cantilever Rollers due to their safety and ease of operation. To provide options, Aruvil offers various Cantilever Rollers including “Regal” and “Supreme.”

Supreme Rollers with Guard

Safety: These rollers include a pre-assembled guard that is made from 18 gauge galvanized sheet and painted to ensure longer life.

Ease of Operation: These maintenance free rollers include grey iron wheel for smooth operation as well as double-sealed ball bearings.

Regal Rollers with Guard

Safety: Similar to Supreme Rollers, these rollers include a pre-assembled guard that is made from 18 gauge galvanized sheet and painted to ensure longer life.

Ease of Operation: These rollers are maintenance free and include machined heavy duty polymer wheel for smooth operation as well as double-sealed ball bearings. Due to the structure and quality of production, Regal Rollers enhance the life of electrical gate operators.

Aruvil ensures that the quality and operation of their rollers meets or exceeds all requirements set by governing parties. Additionally, they provide a variety of rollers to best suite the customers’ needs.