What is a rot boar and why do you need it?

If you are planning on installing wood fence, make sure to get a rot board installed. If you are wondering what a rot board is, then it is a 2*6 wood piece that is placed on the bottom of fencing. The purpose for which it is used is to prevent wood pickets from getting rot. The advantages of it are:

  • Since pickets are installed over the board, it will automatically heighten the fence by almost six inches. Though the figure sounds small, but it gives a substantial amount of height for better protection from burglars and intruders.

  • During rainy season, backyard gets filled with standing water. Massive raining not only makes your backyard an inaccessible place but also damages the grass and can cause rotting of wooden pickets. But since rot board makes your fence sit six inches off the ground level, chances of wood getting damaged are minimized.

  • After years, when fencing has become old due to weather conditions, instead of having to replace all the pickets the homeowner is only left with the responsibility of replacing the rot board. Instead of having to replace the entire fencing, you will only be required to buy a 2*6 board and perform reinstallation.

The three ‘Ws’ of fencing

Fencing is an excellent option in terms of home improvement. But there are certain things that you need to think about before getting any particular type and material of fence for your property. Take a look:

  • What is it that you are fencing: If you are going to protect a swimming pool, backyard or residential surroundings of our house then you will need a little more alluring and attractive one. But it you want to confine livestock then you may have to comprise on look and pay attention to the durability part.

  • Why are you fencing: Do you want to secure privacy? Then go for something that is not see-though. Do you want to protect pets from getting outside boundaries? Then go for something which is tall enough so that pet does not jump over. Is it for pool? Go for a fencing material which is corrosion resistant. Similarly if you want to just protect animals and livestock, then a fence which is highly durable and cannot be pulled by animals should be your choice.

  • What is the budget: The ultimate deciding factor is the budget. The money you are ready to spend should cover the whole fencing project without comprising on the utility, look and durability part.

Make sure to think about these three major considerations for a successful execution of fencing project.

Get a swimming pool barrier fence for peace of mind!

Thinking of setting up a swimming pool? Do not forget to add a safety fence around it. Building a swimming pool is definitely every homeowner’s dream, because it so beautifully compliments the landscape view of your house. But make sure to get a good fencing installed, especially if you have children, so that your dream does not become a nightmare!

Kids who do not know how to swim and toddlers are usually at the risk of getting drowned, in a fascination of checking out the water. So make it a point that as much of planning you put in making your pool the perfect one, you put the same amount of energy on the safety aspect by selecting a good fence.

You can consult the local landscape and building inspector to know accepted norms about how to get it setup and which style and type is right one. Self closing gates are good because they automatically get closed when no one is around the pool or someone accidently forgot to close it.

The wise move would be to visit a fence manufacturer. You will get all of your queries and doubts answered, regarding how to go about getting the perfect swimming pool fence set up.