Puppy fencing –Right solution for all those who love their dogs!

If you have a small dog then getting appropriate fences installed to keep your dearest pet confined within the residential boundary lines is something you must not miss on. Fence height is not really a concern if you own a small puppy. For example, you cannot expect a Maltese to leap across a 72-inch tall fence, unless of course he used a trampoline.

But to be on the safe side, go for a fence which is at least 48 inches or 4 feet high. There are many puppy fence options available in the market, specifically designed for keeping them safe within the backyard boundaries.

Among the popular series in this category of fence, Appalachian puppy fencing is the most popular one. This is the best for owners who may fear that their small pet may squeeze through the pickets. But this fence style comes with puppy panels to ensure the pet owner’s peace of mind.

When you talk about medium-sized dogs like Labrador retrievers, English bulldogs and boxers, take into account, what should be the ideal fence height. Most of the dogs in this category do have an ability to jump higher across the fences! For such pet owners a fence that is around 60 inches or five feet tall would be ideal.

Right fence plan for happy neighbors!

Do not forget to follow the below given preliminary steps before you install fence around your property, as these steps will help you avoid any potential troubles with your neighbors.

Be open in your conversation when discussing with your neighbor, about how and what type of fencing you are going to get installed. Discuss the changes you will be implementing in your backyard. This point is particularly crucial to define your property and backyard lines and well differentiate them from those of the neighbor’s.

Another very important and wise step would be to check out and read the deed regarding fence installation. Get familiar with local laws regarding zoning. Also get in touch with neighborhood association. This would let you know if the size, design and placement of feces you are planning are ideal and permitted or not.

Once you have checked the aforementioned points, it is time to apply for permit for setting up the fence according to the local area code. Make sure to follow this procedure in order to ensure that your neighbors do not have any objections with your fencing.